What to Expect at Nourish

Come join me from the comfort of your own home and attend live- streamed, adaptive, therapeutic classes. These classes are tailor-made for those with limitations due to chronic disease, mobility issues, or neurological constraints, inspired by my own experience living with a chronic autoimmune disease.

This yoga is designed to increase circulation, improve range of motion, decrease pain, and nourish well-being. Relaxation with breathing and grounding exercises are integrated throughout the practice, and each class is concluded with a restful guided meditation.  

Previous yoga experience is NOT required. All are welcome! Newcomers, it is recommended that you start low, go slow and stay inside your energy envelope in order to make sure that trying this new activity doesn't trigger post-exertional malaise or other regressive symptoms . If you are uncertain what you can manage, it is advised to just show up and watch from a comfy chair or bed. Begin with visualising the movement and then if appropriate for your body, engage in movements using half your capacity. The goal is not to push yourself - it's to meet your body where it is at and slowly build over time.