Paths to Wellness: Two Holistic Approaches for Chronic Complex Conditions

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When living with chronic illness presents daily challenges, impacting both physical health and mental well-being, it can be challenging to discern useful therapies and resources from misleading cure-alls. In this upcoming FREE event, two experts will share their evidence-based approaches to symptom management.

Dr. Eleanor Stein MD FRCP(C):

An award-winning medical professional in psychiatry with a career spanning decades, Dr. Eleanor Stein is a distinguished chronic illness educator, researcher, and activist. She has spoken  internationally, advocating for recognition and research funding for chronic complex diseases. 

Graduating from the University of Alberta in 1987, Dr. Stein's journey took a turn when she developed Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia, and Environmental Sensitivities during her medical residency. Since then, she has dedicated her career to integrating conventional and holistic approaches, and applying the concept of neuroplasticity to help patients improve their health and function. 

Since retiring from medical practice, Dr. Stein has focused on providing online education, empowering individuals worldwide with strategies for managing chronic, complex diseases through her website.

Dr Stein's Website

Shannon Williams, Founder of Nourish Therapeutic Yoga:

Shannon is a certified yoga instructor with extensive training in adaptive modalities including Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Somatic Yoga, and Accessible Yoga for Chronic Disease. Living with complex chronic disease herself, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing chronic conditions. She is passionate about building and teaching gentle yet effective yoga and mindfulness practices that won’t exacerbate symptoms. 

Prioritizing a safe and inclusive practice, Shannon’s therapeutic yoga nourishes the nervous system and awakens vitality. While she doesn’t claim to offer a cure, her online therapeutic yoga services are based on scientifically proven methods and crafted to accommodate a range of chronic symptoms and improve quality of life. 

Shannon’s live virtual classes, comprehensive video library, and community chats empower chronic illness warriors to manage their autoimmune symptoms, cultivate  healthier relationships with their bodies, and gain physical and mental resilience. 

Combining Efforts for Community Support:

In this live event, Shannon and Dr. Stein will provide a comprehensive overview of 2 integrative solutions for chronic complex conditions.

Together, they aim to empower attendees with knowledge, support, and actionable strategies for navigating the challenges of chronic illness.

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