Nourish's approach is holistic.

This is a unique, mind-body approach that empowers those with chronic illness to safely build resilience, strength, and well–being while respecting limitations. We use the evidence-based tools and techniques of yoga to cultivate an integration of the body, mind, and spirit.

Movements that work with your body - not against it.

Suitable for those with health issues, these yoga classes are designed for those who may find traditional yoga classes too challenging. All classes are gentle and slow-paced, and instruction is invitational, empowering you to always go at your own pace.

  • Poses are not held for long periods and have minimal repetitions. Transitions between poses are slow.

  • A neuro-muscular approach that helps your brain & body let go of chronically held tensions.

  • Short classes are available. Breaks are enouraged and props are used to safely support your body.

  • A supportive environment with others who "get it." With optional community discussion after each class.

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Meet the Instructor

Hi! I’m Shannon.

I am a certified yoga teacher who specializes in adapting therapeutic yoga for those with chronic health conditions. My classes are inspired by my own experience living with a complex autoimmune disease, and I hope to share with you the benefits this mind-body practice can bring.

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