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Finally, a yoga class I can do - and from home! I have POTS so was so happy to be rec'd to try your classes and was relieved I could do them all lying down. I didn't feel pressure to perform or push like I did in previous classes I tried. So happy to have found you and this community!"


"Shannon, you have such a lovely, calm and encouraging manner/presence. I am able to fully participate physically but really love how you modify the movement for different physical ability. It was such a welcome and accepting atmosphere. I forgot my inhibitions about appearing on camera!"


"It was gentle enough that I could do it! I’ve missed doing yoga so much since I got Fibromyalgia and was diagnosed with EDS, and this helped me feel connected to a time in my life when I was strong and healthy. I actually feel better after this class! I also loved feeling the sense of community with other people who have the same struggles I do."


"First Yoga class I was able to do since I got Long Covid 3 years ago, so that was enjoyable. I loved the low level, no expectation, no pressure. So grateful received."


"Thank you very much - I finally have attended an inclusive yoga class that made me feel better and not worse! Great to find a yoga instructor who understands Dysautonomia ".


"First time since having ME I felt relaxed, at ease and rested in my body, very different experience. It definitely shows you have adapted the class for ME patients!"


"I feel like this is more than yoga, it’s a chance to build a tribe of CFS/ME people. We’re isolated alone as individuals but, as a group, there’s strength and connection."


"Loved it. Can’t wait to try more. Thank you for doing this type of Yoga. I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do it on my own so I can absolutely use this. :)"


"The connection to others struggling with similar conditions and being able to all be at the same or similar level of yoga practice" 


"Love the compassion and expertise of the instructor and the chance to practice yoga with others with ME (I didn't see any Lululemon nor contortionists ;-) )"


"Feeling like my needs as an ME patient were understood and that I was free to set my own boundaries for what was safe for me. Not feeling pushed or pressured to do anything a particular way -- I really appreciated being reminded of this a few times throughout the class, as it is so different from the approach in traditional yoga studios, which is to push yourself. I also loved what you said towards the end of class - something about that our disabled bodies have value, that we are valuable and appreciated. it really calmed my body and made me feel safe." 


"I am happy to be participating in a yoga that's attainable."


"Just my gratitude for your having offered this class, and my continued awe at your developing a program that will work for other chronic illness sufferers. I also love that you're open for feedback to a community of like-minded, like-bodied people & that you are clearly open to developing your program to suit people's needs - its a pretty amazing example of community coming together, and I'm very thankful to be involved." 


"Thank you so much for doing these. I look forward to them every week."


"So nice it was not to have any pressure. So many functional medicine/meditation/self improvement type classes guised as "supportive" when it's a hard sell and commitment through over doing it emotionally, physically or spiritually. And if you don't then it's framed as a lack of personal strength. No sense of that at all here and that's so lovely."


"I loved that I was able to do this class from bed, and that I felt like I had support and encouragement to do so, particularly on a bad day. Being able to move a little, and to feel good about myself for a moment, was wonderful. And I LOVED the guided meditation. :)"


"It was just the right level of yoga for ME and brought together PwME which made it a group of people who are all in the same battle which is big for an illness that’s so isolating. It was yoga and peer support blended."


"I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I don't usually participate in these types of formats, and I thoroughly enjoy your classes and I look forward to the each week"


"The community and getting some structure to set a routine. Thank you and I really like your presentation and kind heart."


"Options given to stand, sit or lay on floor I enjoyed it all! I enjoy the connection to others & with myself"


"I really appreciate the class. You’re doing a great job in pacing the exercises and balancing everyone’s needs."


"Safe, community. It gives me hope that yoga can be part of my life again."



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