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Nourish offers a unique blend of yoga methodologies in all classes.


● Gentle yoga poses modified to address specific physical and mental needs of those with chronic health conditions.

● A series of gentle movements, combined with breath-work, gradually warms and loosens tight muscles and stiff joints. 

● Stimulates the immune system, slowly builds strength, improves range of motion, and releases stress.


● Neuro-muscular approach that helps retrain the brain and nervous system to release chronically held tension patterns by using subtle movements. 

● Improves mind-body connection, cortical control, spatial orientation, flexibility, and equilibrium. 

● Suitable for all, and highly beneficial for relieving chronic pain and/or neurological issues. 

In yoga, this discipline is known as Somatic Yoga.


● Allows gravity to do the work for you by safely supporting your body in restful postures using various props from home. 

● Replenishes and nourishes your whole being.

● Effectively balances the central nervous system, improves sleep, and reduces anxiety.


● Makes yoga poses more accessible by incorporating a chair. 

● Aids balance during standing poses and conserves energy and supports endurance when seated. 

● Excellent for those with joint injuries, muscle weakness, or balance and orthostatic intolerance issues. 

Use of a chair can be added to any class.


● Meditative approach that gently guides the mind into a calmer state of focus and stillness. 

● Specialized breathing practices help dismantle unsupportive breathing patterns, to improve the function of lungs and heart, regulate blood pressure and increase oxygen delivery to our entire bodies. 

● Combined with imagery, progressive relaxation, or focused attention, assists our mind-body in achieving better balance and a more peaceful state of being. 

● Effective practice for managing stress, depression, and anxiety.


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