4-Week Restorative Yoga Series

Dealing with a chronic illness is incredibly stressful! It’s not uncommon for our bodies to live in a state of “fight, flight, or freeze” due to chronic symptoms, general uncertainty, and just the sheer weight of not feeling well. As a result, it may be difficult to truly rest and recover. 

This series uses tools and techniques of Restorative Yoga to counteract these effects by engaging the relaxation response of the nervous system. Using props from home to support your body in restful postures, you can allow gravity to do the work for you and gain more by doing less.

Rest & Recover Series: May 19 - June 09 (1:00 - 1:45 PM EST)

  • Live Zoom class every Friday for 4 weeks 
  • 90 Days video access to recordings of full series 
  • Breathing exercises and guided meditation included in each class
  • Journal prompts if you choose to take your practice deeper
  • Prop tutorial videos on how to use items from home for props
  • Additional Yoga Nidra video practice included

 Join from the comfort of your own home, and practice in a community with other like-minded and like-bodied individuals.

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Benefits of Restorative Yoga:

  • Engages the parasympathetic nervous system to switch from “fight or flight” into the relaxation response
  • Relieves muscular tension by opening and releasing areas of tightness and congestion in the body
  • Increases circulation of blood and lymph systems
  • Quiets the mind by reducing hyperactivity in the frontal cortex
  • Deeply nourishing practice for your whole system

More than just rest, Restorative practices promote physical, emotional, and psychological healing.  Come learn how to rest more deeply so you can do more!

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To deeply benefit and allow time for the relaxation response to fully engage, this class will be 45 mins.

This is not a movement practice. It is setting up props to position your body in restful poses. Modifications will be shown for each pose to ideally find what works best for your body.

Each class will have:

  • Only 2-3 postures to allow time to relax and let go.
  • Minimal speaking. The goal is to allow your brain to rest deeply, so silence is vital. (You may play gentle music if you prefer. Please make sure to MUTE yourself).
  • Yogic breathing instructed throughout.
  • 15-20 mins savasana with guided meditation designed to take you into deeper relaxation.
  • I will end the zoom session for you so you do not have get up until you are ready.

Due to the intention of this practice, there will not be a community chat after class. Instead, you have the option to join a 30mins scheduled discussion 1 week prior to the series, and 1 week after.


This series is suitable for all 'Spoon Levels'.

You are encouraged to practice within your own unique level and modifications will be shown for each pose.

For those with more severe symptoms, it is recommended that you have a personal helper to assist in setting up your space and potentially props.


Buying yoga props is not needed for this series. I will provide you suggestions on what you can use from home for various props. Full detailed instructional video to come soon.

If you choose to get props for your own personal practice, some recommendations are:

  • Yoga bolster
  • Eye covering
  • Blanket


This series will be recorded and made available free of charge for all series members as part of their 4-week membership.

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Please note, this series is not included for free in the All-Inclusive Membership or On-Demand Library Membership but I hope this discount helps make it accessible to you 💕

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