FREE Community Yoga Class for #MEACTION

FREE Community Yoga Class for #MEACTION

Attainable Yoga: Full class is lying down & can be done from bed.

Like many of you, I have been managing ME for many years. Over this time, I attempted various activities only to find that they were simply not attainable. Sadly, I discovered this was common in our community, so I developed Nourish Therapeutic Yoga for us! 

Due to the pandemic, I was able to train from home to become a certified yoga instructor specializing in therapeutic yoga. Based on my own experience, I adapted poses and movements to be low strain, slow paced, and suitable for us. As a result, all of my classes can be done in a seated position, lying down, or even from bed! You are encouraged to go at your own pace and rest often.

Participants have experienced decreased chronic pain, improved range of motion, better balance and an increased sense of calm and well-being. 

What to expect in this 30 minute class:

5-10 min. Breathing Exercises & Grounding

10-15 min. Gentle Yoga with Breath

10 min. Guided Relaxation Meditation

There is an option to stay at the end of class for an additional free 30 min. Community Chat. This gives the opportunity for you to ask questions and engage in a positive, supportive community with others who “get it.”

Some may think that "doing yoga" is all about poses, flexible bodies or something they could only do when they were healthy. One of the things I love most about Therapeutic Yoga is that it is not not goal oriented.

Nourish Yoga is about finding attainable ways to move with your body and calm your mind and not go into post-exertional malaise (PEM). You are the one in control and there are a multitude of benefits in participating from bed and visualizing movements as you guide your breath.

Come as you are & discover the benefits of this mind-body class!

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Any questions? Please check out my FAQ section or contact me.


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