Certified yoga instructor & owner of Nourish, teaches from lived experience of having ME & Dysautonomia.

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Some may think that "doing yoga" is all about poses, flexible bodies, or something they could only do when they were healthy. One of the things I love most about Nourish Therapeutic Yoga is that it is not goal oriented!

  • Poses are not held for long periods and have minimal repetitions. Transitions between poses are slow.
  • Engages the parasympathetic nervous system to switch from “fight or flight” into the relaxation response.
  • Can be done seated, lying down, or even from bed! You are encouraged to go at your own pace and rest as needed.

FREE CLASS: Fri July 21st 11amPT/2pmET/7pmBST

click above link to see time in your local time zone. There will be a recorded video given to all that register.

This extremely modified movement class focuses on finding more ease, and creating a balanced energy flow while supine.

What to expect in this 30 minute class:

5-10 min. Breathing Exercises & Grounding

10-15 min. Gentle Movement with Breath

10 min. Guided Relaxation Meditation

Nourish Yoga is about finding attainable ways to move your body and calm your mind, and not go into post-exertional malaise (PEM). You are the one in control and there are a multitude of benefits in participating from bed and visualizing movements as you guide your breath.

Participants report feeling: deeply relaxed and at ease, increased energy, decreased chronic pain, improved sleep and sense of well-being.

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Come as you are & discover the benefits of this mind-body class!

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  • "First time since having ME I felt relaxed, at ease and rested in my body, very different experience. It definitely shows you have adapted the class for ME patients!"

  • "Thank you Shannon for offering this to the ME/CFS Community. This has been a catalyst for me becoming more active. I love your calming voice and the slow pace. I have enjoyed the classes very much!

  • "I feel like this is more than yoga, it’s a chance to build a tribe of CFS/ME people. We’re isolated alone as individuals but, as a group, there’s strength and connection."

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