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Restorative Yoga 4-Week Series: Vagus Nerve Focus


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Fridays @ 1 PM (ET) Toronto, Canada/NYC USA

October to November - Final dates to be determined.

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Looking forward to sharing this amazing healing practice with you!

💕 Shannon

  • "First time since having ME I felt relaxed, at ease and rested in my body, very different experience. It definitely shows you have adapted the class for ME patients!"

  • "Thank you Shannon for offering this to the ME/CFS Community. This has been a catalyst for me becoming more active. I love your calming voice and the slow pace. I have enjoyed the classes very much!

  • "I feel like this is more than yoga, it’s a chance to build a tribe of CFS/ME people. We’re isolated alone as individuals but, as a group, there’s strength and connection."

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