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Help others improve their well-being by supporting their monthly membership.

By making a monthly donation, you have the power to make a direct impact on individuals who cannot afford a membership. Your generosity will enable them to experience the enriching yoga practices and nurturing community that Nourish offers.

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As someone who understands the challenges of living with chronic disease, I am dedicated to creating an inclusive yoga experience for my community. Your generous one-time donation will directly support the costs of running Nourish Therapeutic Yoga enabling me to expand our offerings and provide additional services that will greatly benefit the chronic illness community.

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Are finances holding you back from doing Yoga?

Nourish is dedicated to ensuring that yoga is accessible to all individuals. Our sliding scale rate is now an option for those with lower incomes.

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  • "First time since having ME I felt relaxed, at ease and rested in my body, very different experience. It definitely shows you have adapted the class for ME patients!"

  • "Thank you Shannon for offering this to the ME/CFS Community. This has been a catalyst for me becoming more active. I love your calming voice and the slow pace. I have enjoyed the classes very much!

  • "I feel like this is more than yoga, it’s a chance to build a tribe of CFS/ME people. We’re isolated alone as individuals but, as a group, there’s strength and connection."

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